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Under the new normal construction machinery How transition?

Release time:2018-03-09 11:12:24  Views:

China's economy "new normal" includes several aspects: First, the proportion of future new normal in the manufacturing sector will fall significantly, the proportion of the service industry will be significantly increased; second, stimulating consumer demand; Third, technological progress and innovation become the key to success; fourth, in the past several years, the proportion of Chinese investment in GDP at 40% -50%, far higher than the 15% -20% in developed countries. If the investment proportion down to 30% or less of the total demand for construction machinery will decline further.

Over the past few years, China started a serious shortage of construction machinery and equipment, 30% of the time only the peak period. Globally, the industry situation is very grim, the future of many companies are likely to be eliminated, or is automatically eliminated.

China's construction machinery industry how to adapt to the current economic situation? Enterprises must improve the technological innovation capability and product quality. Its quality not only refers to the "three guarantees" quality products, but also include the value of second-hand machinery. Secondly, also to improve brand influence, each brand will correspond to different customers, the customer base is stable enterprise stability index.

Current transformation industries and enterprises can be divided into three categories: First, the business transformation. Including sectoral restructuring, extend the industrial chain to do, from a simple manufacturer of progress towards the integration of manufacturing and processing services, as well as business models and electricity supplier binding updates. Second, the market transition. International operations, including construction machinery in the global mainstream market competitiveness improved. Third, management restructuring. Enhance their brand connotation, international operational control and the like. How the construction machinery enterprises tide over difficulties, to find a way to use strategy to lead the development of the whole enterprise;? Product planning is the real core; after the market has become growth.

The core competitiveness of enterprises is the key to sustained and stable development, which includes four aspects: First, strengthening the ability to lead or to create markets. To constantly develop new products to guide customers to use the new equipment, in order to have the product pricing. Second is to improve the ability of original innovation, design personalized, customized products and services. Third, resource system integration capabilities, efficiently and quickly to integrate the enterprise supply chain. Fourth, the whole life cycle and a full range of service capabilities, the company's pre-sale, sale and the entire life cycle must take the initiative to do service for the customer, the customer's own unexpected service enterprises to think