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Embrace it served to pave the robot route

Release time:2018-03-09 11:13:01  Views:

Shenzhen yesterday occurred two by the robot "cause" of events: 17th National Championships start the robot, the robot industry white paper published in Shenzhen. Among them, "the robot industry in Shenzhen Development White Paper (2014)" is also China's first regional robot industry white papers.

If used properly, the robot can give people life to add infinite charm. Perhaps, as some films can occur and human emotion after the collision of the robot will be a few years late, but the robot "big help" has already become a reality. Smart electricity inspection robots are widely used, so that electricity workers began to bid farewell to the high temperatures in the rain, snow and other inclement weather Patrol discomfort and danger, and the detection accuracy is increased to almost one hundred percent; a robot restaurant appeared recently in Suzhou city, welcome Miss, waiters, bands, dancers served by the robot, it is hooked. Robot exciting applications in manufacturing, the service sector, although it also brings corporate downsizing phenomenon, but this revolutionary change will help reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and ultimately for the benefit of mankind. When about robots replace workers, Kunshan Foxconn layoffs of 50,000 news, regardless of whether people understand the magical robot, acceptance and embrace is the best choice.

Shenzhen robotics industry is developing rapidly, the results look quite a value. The number of enterprises with professional robots, industrial scale, and so the whole industry was in the White Paper has eye-catching numbers. Robotics industry in Shenzhen has bright prospects, because the big data, cloud computing, networking and other technology leading robot consolidate the strong industrial base, Shenzhen independent innovation ability of the robot to break through key technologies to build a solid platform, particularly unusual is that, in Shenzhen developed 3C (computer, communications, consumer electronics) industry is exactly the robot can show its mettle in the field. Shenzhen Chong passengers gathered, innovative companies emerging, even more added confidence to greet the dawn of this sunrise industry robot.

Blue Ocean Nongchao robot industry, have to face up to the shortcomings of the current industry in Shenzhen exist. Shenzhen SME base, because many companies are still in the formative years, to see the benefits after the introduction of the requirements of the robot cycle is short, but it does not comply with the law of robotics applications benefit formation. Coupled with the use of robots, high maintenance costs, so that the courage to "bite" the introduction of robots enterprise scarce. Talent shortage, the industry-standard "absence", the lack of standards can be a leader in the development of robot industry chain imperfect, Shenzhen has become a hinder robotics industry flourishing with bottleneck.

You can not afford to rent a how? Via financial leasing business model innovation, enterprises can greatly reduce the cost of the introduction of the robot. In addition, the development of robots, relying on key personnel. Robot exudes high-tech, high intelligence mysterious charm, and only those with a high-end innovation team, in order to decipher the robot upgrading "core code." Development of robotics, the need to develop advanced standards, improve the industrial chain, so that the robot industry standard in advanced lead, lead the industry chain in the smooth formation of a new form of crisp, taut strength, has become an important pillar of Shenzhen industrial transformation and upgrading.

Broaden the application areas, gather innovative elements to form a sound formats, Shenzhen will be lifted robot industry "fly" up.