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The rapid development of industrial robots in manufacturing automation that transition impact

Release time:2018-03-09 10:56:34  Views:

Industrial robots in recent years due to the positive impact of the restructuring of manufacturing automation, demand is rising. In the new round of market developments, although there are factors that promote the force developed countries, but the overall trend driven automation line, I believe that the current mainly manufacturing-based part of the developing countries. First, the international situation, the developed countries in order to avoid a hollow again because the domestic economy and serious domestic economic crisis, the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, this process is not simply re-take the old manufacturing industry, but as a high-end manufacturing automation will increase investment in higher labor costs and stimulate demand for industrial robots market. Second, in a manufacturing-based developing country, China is one of the world's largest developing country, also has the title of the world's factory, though not a particularly proud of the title, but it also shows that the manufacturing industry in China directly large scale. At the same time, after more responsive to development, to further expand the scope of the market, in addition to the traditional handicraft industry is currently pushing automation transformation, robot applications on the essential, to further stimulate the overall market demand.

It is predicted that by 2015, China robot market demand will reach 35,000 units, accounting for 16.9% global share, becoming the world's largest market. In this case, we can see only the Chinese market to a robot is a very good market prospects, reflected in domestic terms, China's robot industry base, large or small, are constantly launched, one of the more striking, there Chongqing "robot" capital plan and is planning Qingdao in northern China's largest industrial base of the robot program.

As the market for industrial robots continue to rise, many local and domestic machinery enterprises have begun to get involved in the field of robotics. But thus in turn triggered a series of industry issues, namely industry access too low or disorder caused by industry, Arrested Development. why would you say so? "The benefit of the, almost always", that is a direct reflection of people on benefits or reduce, do not even talk about the businessman, when an industry in prosperity, everybody wants to have a share, which is a direct result of the influx of a short period of time excess funds industry, although the high-end products is limited more significantly, will not cause a big impact on the market, but in the low-end products in the field is not so optimistic.

Currently, due to the blind expansion, a large number of enterprises to enter the industry crisis caused by them, the most eye-catching is the photovoltaic industry, the rapid development of the industry a few years ago in which the 2012 collapse of the industry crisis Jiyu, until the last segment time has not shown signs of improvement, the opposite situation was unfavorable trends in the international market more deterioration. Miserable through the lesson at hand, we had to prevent the robot industry.

In summary, although develop the robotics industry parks willingness to promote industrial development is good, but if the industry does not access mechanism to a higher limit, it is inevitable not emptied volt industry formula. Therefore, to enhance the robotics industry access standards, it is the current domestic industry regulator first solve the problem.

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