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Service robot market has just started

Release time:2018-03-09 10:57:10  Views:

"We have a service robot layout." As the leading enterprises in industrial robots, robot investment department responsible person recently told reporters that, by virtue of accumulated technology in unmanned guided vehicles, robots delivery company into the market, the current response is good, other types of service robots are expected to be put on. According to CICC research report expects 2020 global demand for service robots will exceed $ 20 billion, and around the world are in the initial stage.

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wu Xinyu more optimistic assessment, along with human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and other visual servo technology continues to improve, he said the service robot industry growth rate will reach 30% per year, in 2017 the market size may the current size of the market to reach one hundred billion industrial robot host.

In this exhibition, a number of small and medium sized companies exhibited toy robots, robots accompany children, priced at 2,000 to 5,000 per month, mainly to overseas markets, the ten thousand years of sales. There is also a field of artificial intelligence to provide voice services Turing robot, its Chinese Semantic and Cognitive computing platform has been mounted Haier smart home platform, China Telecom and automotive micro-channel customer interaction system. And in June this year, Alibaba Group and Softbank's stake Foxconn robot Softbank holding company, which released the world's first humanoid robot can recognize emotions Pepper. Analysts pointed out that with the giant to join, is expected to promote the commercial promotion of the robot by reducing manufacturing costs and so on.

However, the service robotics companies have to work as an industrial robot. The Anxiao (600654, stock it) and Chile's exhibition was a patrol security, water quality monitoring and other robots, also exhibited a painting and industrial robots used in the latest product package sorting. The company exhibitors told reporters that before the company focused only on service robots, service robots but there is need for further research with market sore point.

In addition, traditional industrial robots giant is not "cold" service robots. KUKA, Comau, Epson and other company executives told reporters that, although the company also has accumulated technology related to fraudulent claims to help customers develop service robots, but there is no intention to get involved directly, but continue cultivating a higher degree of standardization, and more for the field of industrial robots are good at.

Although the service robots in 2012 on the inclusion of "second five" plan, but the overall development is not rapid and industrial robots. In the "robot" Thirteen Five "plan", it was reported the first draft has been proposed to play an exemplary application of robots in the field of HelpAge disabled, consumer services, healthcare and other key areas, and to carry out the core components research, cutting-edge of technology development, medical rehabilitation robotic applications and other key work.

Wu Xinyu said that the current service robots need not already open, "like Dajiang Innovation is actually a robot company, through aerial breakthrough, opening the consumer UAV market." In contrast, Wu Xinyu promising in the medical field promotion of robot-related products have passed the medical, pension institutions started selling. According to reports, the Institute has developed a technology for robot assisted spinal surgery clinic, meet at high risk surgery on precision, stability requirements, changes need to rely on the case of the physician locate urging traditionally.

From the current layout of the listed company, in the field of medicine medical service robots popular pro-Lai. Last December, Canny Elevator (002,367, stock it) capital increase holding purple gifted Blue 40% stake, cut into the smart home robot, in vitro bone type prosthetic robot; May Hiromi shares (002,698, stock it) through the subscription Esprit Core Medical 20% stake, started the first phase of the project "minimally invasive surgical robot and intelligent equipment projects"; Chutian Science and Technology (300,358, stock it) also said it will focus on the development of pharmaceutical production line with pharmaceutical sterile production robot prototype will be launched during the year, in addition Accessible assisted self phased development and military-type load medical robot.