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Industrial robots 10 key projects, 17 to observe the scene reform

Release time:2018-03-09 10:57:46  Views:

Yesterday, Yantai municipal government organization urban counties and municipal departments of 10 key projects construction of Zhaoyuan, Longkou, Penglai City, Development Zone, Qixia City, five counties were to observe the scene.

Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Gold surges Corp., plans to build the country's largest export base of green cardboard batteries, battery annual output of 3 billion; Nanshan Aviation Industrial Park in Longkou City, all completed, is expected to realize an annual sales income 70 billion yuan, profits of 15 billion yuan; Penglai City Baolong Plaza, tourism, shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, residential and other functions in one, driven by more than 4,000 people employed; Hyundai R & D center project zone, to build facing the world, the world's leading automotive industry integrated research and development base, will lead Yantai, Shandong and even the new energy automotive industry to the forefront of the country, become a new beacon auto industry and a new model of industrial cooperation between China and Korea.

Zone: 5 robot projects get together and settle down

In the first half, GDP grew 8.2% year-Zone area, industrial main business revenue grew 8.1%, the public budget revenues increased 11 percent, fixed asset investment growth of 16.5%. Indicators from completion, the majority of indicators to achieve more than half the time, more than half the task.

Key projects started, the region's key industrial projects started or restarted rate of more than 95% in the construction of over 172 billion project, with a total investment of 153.2 billion yuan. Among them, 21 new construction, with a total investment of 19.8 billion yuan. A total investment of 70 billion yuan of Wanhua Industrial Park has been put into a second phase will start construction in the second half; a total investment of 8.0 billion yuan Changyu International Wine City R & D sector basically completed.

Attracting accelerate, the region complete with contracted foreign investment increased by 11.7%, the actual use of foreign investment increased by 12.1% points. Actively planning robot investment, Tuvalu, Bill, five robot project successfully settled. While increasing the intensity of the listing, and other precision lead six companies listed three new board.

Longkou: complete tech industrial output value 90 billion

In the first half, the Economic and Social Longkou maintained "steady progress, in turn upgraded" good momentum, complete GDP508.7 billion public budget revenue 5.01 billion yuan, an increase of 6.9% and 12.1%.

Vigorously implement the scientific and technological innovation projects, play well, "depression effect" National Science and technology advanced city and national sustainable development experimental zone, adhere to internal and external innovation "ism" simultaneously, to enlarge the "research governance" joint innovation advantage, accelerating the development of high-tech enterprises and SME, fitted for the redeployment of development "innovation engine." In the first half, the city's high-tech industrial output value of 90 billion yuan, accounting for above-scale industrial output value reached 52%.

Accelerate the development of producer services, and actively guide the backbone enterprises to promote the release and tertiary industries, vigorously develop modern logistics, financial business, headquarters economy and other new service format; breakthrough in the development life of service, re-arrested tourism, trade and business, catering and accommodation pension and other industries, and continuously expand the industrial chain, and enhance the level of industrial development. In the first half, the city's service industry 19.34 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2%.

The upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously implement the high-end, information, intelligence reform, promote the industrial level, the product quality. Breakthroughs in emerging industries, fostering the growth of new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and energy saving, biotechnology and new medicine, new energy vehicles and their components, represented by five industries, accelerate the formation of the development of new support.

Zhaoyuan City: pilot reform to promote 17

In the first half of this year, Zhaoyuan GDP of 31.72 billion yuan, 3.14 billion yuan of public budget revenue, fixed assets investment 22.27 billion yuan, total retail sales of social consumer goods 7.81 billion yuan.

Zhaoyuan advance 17 pilot reform, Yantai has become the sole province of the new rural cooperative financial development and provincial financial innovation pilot city. Attracting large and strong to achieve new breakthroughs, investment has been carried out 64 batches, determine Fosun cooperation in new industries, such as Foxconn and Conde 64 key projects of intent.

Meanwhile, the effort to promote the "two areas along the" major strategic, comprehensive project to enhance pulling power. Oct to move fast road, country road as a link to northern economic uplift, east of Dongcheng District, north coastal science and technology industrial park, to build "two areas along the" big park pattern.

Currently, Zhaoyuan City has completed the layout of a total investment of 45.5 billion yuan of 53 key projects, promote the rapid development of development zones and the surrounding Towns. The "crucial for northern economic uplift" as the theme, to further promote the construction of key projects, a total of over 30 million yuan to implement 141 key projects, total investment of 71.94 billion yuan.