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More than half of global market share of domestic service robots turning point appeared expect winni

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Traditionally, the people's awareness of the robot in the "alternative manpower production line industrial machinery products." But with the intelligent home devices, users will make more intelligent demand, so the service robot market will grow rapidly, even more than the market for industrial robots. World Summit on the robot industry, the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Institute of Electronics, the Secretary-General, the Secretary-General Assembly 2015 World Robot Xu Xiaolan said that at present, in the world to individuals, families, industries characterized by service robots is close to 25 million sets , $ 28 billion, more than half of the industrial robot market. The industry believes that, as a key breakthrough technology, the surge in demand, and the service robots in the near future will be "people" prices flying into homes of ordinary people.

Demand, service robots shine RoboCup

Dynamic dance, rich body movements ...... In the recently held 19th World RoboCup RoboCup, IFLYTEK robot "slightly weakened", "little wisdom" has become a big star. It is understood that "slightly weakened" is an intelligent dialogue with emotional expression function, exercise capacity has extensive limb robot, and "Ash" is intelligent and has a shallow perception of cognitive intelligence, enabling intelligent dialogue, semantic understanding, face and body recognition, with independent knowledge learning ability, the future-oriented field of application of family services.

This RoboCup RoboCup is an international audience a feast. Display area in the game, including the German library card companies, American companies, including international giants Intel, its new robot products also carry the scene. As this game of international Co-Chairs RoboCup organizers Itsuki Noda said, "With the introduction of artificial intelligence, robots have become with flexibility." Providing chip is Intel's most robots, the vice president of global Ni Jianan said, "robots more intelligent and complex." Coffee robots, robot room, welcome robot, nursing robot exhibition in a variety of service robots people sigh service robot is expected to enter ordinary families the possibility of greatly enhanced.

Although the service robot is a robot of the younger members of the family, but is developing rapidly. "With the application of the gradual expansion of service robots has also ushered in the explosive growth of enterprise penetration robots from the automotive industry to the electronic information manufacturing, food processing, logistics and other traditional industries." Xu Xiaolan introduced robotic applications from industrial to service furniture , medical rehabilitation, education, entertainment, national defense and military fields rapid expansion. "Darling" as appeared in recent years, service robotics market share as high as more than half, giving consumers a smarter, more convenient experience.

Technical follow-up, China's service robots usher inflection point

For the manufacturing industry, since 2015, the most heavy policy is to "Made in China 2025" Programme of Action, which refers, China should vigorously promote the advantages of strategic industries and the rapid development of robots, including health care, family services, education and entertainment services such as robot applications demand. So, RoboCup Committee Chairman of China, China University of Technology Professor Chen Xiaoping said in 2015, service robots from the laboratory to the family, to society's key nodes.

In fact, the capital market is very optimistic about the service robot. According to "First Financial Daily" reported that Alibaba and Softbank to each of the recent Foxconn's robotics company Aldebaran inject more than 100 million US dollars, pushing its flagship product, the accompanying emotional robot Pepper sales. Meanwhile, China's service robots for innovation is also expanding. Hanan Industrial Park robot recently hatched a pioneering new stair climbing robot and the most representative class service dining robot, as well as "treasure" robot on the market (sweeping), "Window treasure" robot (BMU ), "Qin Bao" robot (air cleaning) and others so that consumers whom shines.

In addition, the service robot technology research and development, China is trying to integrate with the world level. In the RoboCup RoboCup competition robot research and development, for example, the day of the game to the outside world the service robot is an important direction to explore - "gesture recognition." Many players find that previous score heavier "face recognition" technology, this year has a greater degree of reduction, is replaced by "gesture recognition", for example, by allowing the robot to walk on different carpet to improve their ability to adapt, which is at present no ideal research technology sector. Chen Xiaoping said that the gap between China and developed countries in the industrial robot is very obvious, but in the field of service robots, the gap between China and developed countries is not large, some even still technically in a leading position. Therefore, the future may surpass developed countries in this area.

Breakthrough inflection point, technical prices legs marching

Future service robot market to have much, it seems that for a time it is difficult to answer. But the service robot industry applications boom is approaching, most worrying still is the core of technical problems as well as the popularity of the price issue.

The International Federation of Robotics has said that for China, the biggest pain point is the lack of technological innovation, while a weak foundation. China-made high-end, special sensors, intelligent instruments, automatic control system, numerical control systems, and robotics market share is below 5%, the quality and reliability of key components behind the world's advanced level 5--10 years. Sales volume is not small "sweeping robot" for example, features a single sweeping robot, like a smart home appliances. Industry experts said that consumers expect service robots versatile, sweeping robot and consumers expect to have a greater gap robot. According to statistics, more than 60 percent of consumers feel disappointed after use.

Of course, the price is expensive is also a major "pain point" of ordinary consumers. Only sweeping robot, for example, its price has more than 1,000 yuan, more intelligent at 4,000 yuan, as close to the body shape of the robot is tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Insiders said that the main reason is the high price of these robots they use a lot of "joint", and the cost price of these mechanical parts drop very slowly. Article Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates back in 2007 wrote an article entitled "There is a robot in every household," he said, "When these robots become popular, when we can afford the time, it will be a huge change of life, work, play, the way we communicate. "

Nevertheless, the industry is confident of the future service robots. The industry believes that 2015 will be an important time window, shuffling through five years or so, as well as industry standards and improvement of China's robot industry will gradually enter the healthy development track.