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Traditional machinery manufacturing equipment aimed at the development of intelligent robots

Release time:2018-03-09 10:58:22  Views:

Foshan City, in the workshop industry Peng Machinery Co., Ltd., a ready market in home appliances palletizing robot to do the final debugging. Robot to enter the field of home appliances by the traditional mechanical plant, located in the town of Baini Sanshui District Peng Machinery Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to Ye-peng) spotted a dedicated robotics market. Peng and the industry as well as targeting specific areas of the robot is also located in the town of Foshan new Baini closure Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "new closure"), and Peng industry is different is that the new closure specializing in robotics ceramics industry.

In rising labor costs, labor dividends continued decline of the moment, enterprises Substitution machine is the general trend. Peng industry with the new closure was spotted this opportunity, take the initiative to embrace new technology, develop new markets, becoming the town of White Cement machinery and equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading of a typical representative.

Recently, Sanshui District Secretary Su Weibo to Baini research work in the first half economic situation, "Baini must firmly grasp the industrial transformation and upgrading," Su Weibo dialogue Nai become this old industrial city given expectations.

In fact, earlier this year, Baini Town Committee Secretary Yang Weiliang proposed this year in Baini upgrade "to a larger stride" to cultivate incremental same time, to optimize the stock, the focus will be to build a Baini Sanshui the southern section of the advanced manufacturing base, thereby enhancing the supporting role Sanshui southern sector of the region's economy, help Sanshui into the one hundred billion club.

Traditional machinery manufacturing robots targeting professional applications

On the new closure Intelligent Equipment Co. Lude Zhi, general manager of the business card, prominently says "focus on intelligent manufacturing and industrial robots." This label is Lude Zhi machinery and equipment as a senior technical staff to turn the direction of learning, but also where he is to enter the business field.

"In China, the application looks like on the robot to fire up only recently, in fact, in 2009 we have been involved in this field." Lude Zhi said that as the long-term work in traditional ceramic machinery, ceramic industry so well aware device to be solved technical difficulties. With the ceramic industry in recent years, recruitment difficulties, labor costs rise more and more problems, demand for ceramic industries robot palletizing, picking bricks and packaging processes is also growing.

Substitution of the implementation of large-scale machine in Baini, traditional industry phenomenon has a lot to see, "now a production line using a robot can replace 15 individual positions, the original one thousand factories can now halve the workforce." Lude Zhi frankly.

This insight has become a consensus in the industry. Recently, the new Pearl Foshan ceramic enterprises local formation of a new technology company in Guangdong Li Bote Technology Co., Ltd., is the main ceramic industry intelligent transformation, and the intention of the robot direction. Served as general manager Li Bote Cuibai Chen told the media that, "Just ceramic industry automation transformation in the demand for more than one hundred billion."

In the special tells the robot market potential while Lude Zhi also point to understand the difference of the robot widely used, "dedicated to robot industry characteristics required for R & D and innovation." Lude Zhi said the new closure is aimed precisely dedicated robot that for certain industry sentinel research and development. According Lude Zhi as saying that robot technology is widely used in foreign countries has been very popular and mature, and now the whole country is very competitive, but dedicated robot industry also temporarily belong to the blue ocean.

To this end, the new conventional mechanical closure as ceramic industry equipment manufacturers, professional turn into robots in behind this transformation and upgrading, not only as a support of Japan and technical personnel, more important is the original market for the new channel closure It provided a strong backing.

With the new closure has the same "upgrade" is experienced industry Peng Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan City, the same as a traditional mechanical equipment manufacturers, how in the new normal, machinery and equipment manufacturing to high-end smart move to become a have to face and thinking problem. However, the "business transformation and upgrading is not an easy thing, mainly based on market demand for the product may be." Peng Machinery Industry responsible person admits Gui Wenxiang, Peng fancy robot technology industry, but also more care needs of the entire industry . Currently, special robots in areas such as home appliances, and food and beverage is not a lot, Peng industry plan towards these two areas developed robots.

Pei incremental gifted stock to develop intelligent equipment manufacturing

The new closure with industry Peng is typical of the town of White Cement machinery and equipment manufacturing industry enterprises, under the new normal, intelligent equipment business to accelerate its transformation, to achieve technological upgrading, market-oriented, professional to enter the field of robotics, while promoting the progress of the industry, but also for the fight Sanshui Baini southern sector of advanced manufacturing base sounded the horn.

Sanshui Baini as seven Towns with good manufacturing base in the old industrial city, in recent years, constantly in machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances, automobiles and other industrial equipment, power and continued to introduce a number of more competitive "high, fine , special "type project," we advanced equipment manufacturing investment this year as the most important work of the first half, the introduction of intelligent control, energy efficient and precision planetary reducer, Dihua mold and other five high-quality projects, contracted investment 615 million yuan. "Baini town by pro Bureau official admitted that the project is put into production, it is expected to add production value of 800 million yuan, tax 40 million yuan.

There are statistics, Baini equipment manufacturing enterprises in recent years, a total of 68, in which the large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises have 20, "in which all the Towns Sanshui, Leping addition, Baini build the equipment manufacturing industry is more effective of. "Sanshui a local political and economic observers said.

In order to become even more prominent in the agglomeration effect Baini manufacturing equipment industry, Baini also in auto parts, industrial parks and large data electricity equipment industry to attract foreign investment to expand around the Pearl River Delta, Foshan to build in the West Bank with the machinery and equipment industry strategic plan, the machinery and equipment manufacturing playing Baini pillar industries.

"We want to cultivate the increment, while fully optimizing inventory." Baini town mayor leaves beacon pointed out two ways to Baini growing advanced manufacturing industries.

In this regard, Sanshui expedite the implementation of projects in operation and the promotion of enterprise technology innovation. "At present, the town's businesses to upgrade their technology transformation funds up to 500 million yuan, annual investment will be more than one billion yuan." Baini town by pro Bureau said that at present, there are 17 mechanical Baini Sanshui equipment items into the first batch of advanced equipment manufacturing projects focus on support, Baini entire development of equipment manufacturing industry has begun to take shape.

Build a resource platform

To promote the carrier construction project

Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is the most important investment this year Baini work, therefore, support the construction project has become a priority of the White Cement.

It is reported that in the second half of Baini accelerate work in support of the project construction, vigorously promoting the "north east extension" strategy, accelerate the promotion of north China Southwest Water connection beverage bases are jointly planning and construction of water southwest of the street are docking base area; full promote the construction of roads, water, electricity, green landscape and other infrastructure in the eastern area Baini Science Park core area, urged the Park Science Park core prototype built. At the same time, we continue to improve Huijin industrial city park road, green construction, speed up the construction of apartment personnel, to further enhance the influence and competitiveness Huijin Industrial City.

If the industrial park construction project as the hardware aspects of the carrier, then the promotion of resources docking, build multi-platform resource linkage is a soft carrier construction. It is reported that Baini Programme and Provincial Alcohol Industry Association, Foshan Machinery Industry Association docking introducing food and beverage industry, food and beverage machinery and other projects.

"Baini has a lot of equipment manufacturing industry is in the water around the base food and beverage companies are gathered." Baini town by pro-bureau official believes that the future, through the driving force between the industrial and industry trade associations can produce more interactive reactions, and promote joint development of the town gather industry.