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The virtual world of amazing human or robot "useful"

Release time:2018-03-09 11:06:42  Views:

The virtual world of amazing robots. In reality, the robotics industry is also stunning. For example, Guangdong Province put forward to 2017, initially built 10 having a greater influence on intelligent manufacturing industry base to build two leading robot manufacturing industry base, and promote the industrial enterprises above designated size 1950 to carry out "machines Substitution" .

The nature of technology advances, is to replace human labor, "it is likely that our entire civilization will cause destruction," Silicon Valley entrepreneur Martin Ford (martinford) In the "robot era", a book says. "Historically, as the technology innovation, mankind has been the loss of their jobs, but to create new jobs, the development process is the gradual evolution of mankind." Professor top scientists in Japan "humanoid robot" field Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University believes, robots will change the mode of human life. June 2013, Andrews, senior director of google's Hugo Barra revealed namely, google already has a "near-perfect" real-time voice translation in English and Portuguese. Automatic writing technology has been included "Forbes", including top news media use, the 30-second auto-generated articles covering various fields, including sports, business and politics. Moreover, "the next 15 years, the proportion of news articles written by the program might really be able to reach more than 90%", "A lot of so-called 'good job' will become 'past' Many paralegals, reporters, office workers, even computer programmers will be replaced by robots and intelligent software "(Martin Ford).

"Now we humans like a bunch of ignorant child playing with a dangerous bomb. Even well-intentioned and create artificial intelligence, it still has a tendency to commit genocide." Professor of philosophy at Oxford Nick Bostrom and James Barrett warned, and Stephen Hawking, also known as "the next 100 years, humans are smarter than artificial intelligence, robot control human beings." Many scientists believe that over the "singularity", the artificial intelligence machine than its maker - people are more intelligent. They believe that after this point, everything will now unpredictable, can not imagine the speed and form of development. In a traditional point of view, since the productivity of human labor to drive the development of the productive forces on closely related to economic growth and employment situation. This can not help but worry that if robots replace humans, not only the entire wage labor exchange system will fall apart, humans working well meaning (or essential) do? When humans no longer need to work, his hands will not degenerate into "apes paw"?

Robots can really destroy humanity? Ford believes that "the idea is completely wrong, because the situation is not the case." British computer pioneer Alan Turing devised a screening test: a computer and a human race do to persuade a viewer to see them into believing that he is the real human. When the robot at least half of the viewer deceived, considered passed the test. However, so far no one computer is close to pass the test. Therefore, the robot will take over all human work, they occupy the world fear is unfounded. As Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said, "concerns about artificial intelligence, it is normal and necessary, but any previous robotic and human frontier technology no different. Historical experience has proved, past economic prosperity, mostly because the use of new technology. "

Robots can replace humans in some work, but can not replace themselves. "Robots will become our friends" (Schmidt), scientific progress will eventually lead to a better future for humanity. Although intelligent robots in terms of skills to replace a considerable part of human, but humans still control the political, social and cultural systems, and therefore have the ability to make a final decision. The robot era, humans will continue to play a "useful workers" like feelings, creativity, critical thinking and judgment have to rely on human beings to achieve.

The robot era, technological innovation and manufacturing standards as a sign of whether it is Germany's industrial 4.0, or China's "Made in China 2025", or the United States, "Internet industry", are not missing robot figure. According to the "Made in China 2025", China over the next decade will be digital, intelligent and industrialization, the depth of integration of information technology as the main line, "make change happen," focus on promoting a new generation of information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics as Connaught ...... Bell Award winner, MIT economist Robert Solow (robertsolow) said, "digital makes almost any circumstances have huge amounts of data can be used, and such information may be copied and reused infinitely." intelligent robot widely used, it is presage strong market demand germinating, but also represent the direction of development of industrial automated production. Inevitably, it will overwhelmingly dominate the future of manufacturing. However, this is actually a change management model. After all, the robot technology in the end for the benefit of mankind, or havoc, still depends on the choice of our humanity. Mankind has created technology, mankind still can decide the way in which technology shaping the future of humanity.