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The new robot took six PLA training grounds

Release time:2018-03-09 11:06:26  Views:

Robotics industry in the country's rapid development, driven by its applications to achieve continuous extension. With China's breakthrough in the core components of the robot, can be expected in the near future, robots will completely achieve localization. Today, we look at military robot latest development in the country.

Rulvpingdi climbing ditch, drift speed flexible and comfortable ...... In early June, a small "Multipurpose unmanned ground platform" in the Armored Force Engineering Institute opened the mysterious "veil", it marks another robot quietly embarked on a domestic drill ground .

The unmanned platforms, appears to be the appearance of a miniature flatbed: over six chassis, equipped with a box "container." The difference is that the uneven surface of the tire, like a rubber gear. This unique design allows it to do up and down stairs, over obstacles and other special "skill."

South of Henan Institute of Control Engineering, Professor Zhang introduction: "The platform not only can not reach people in a small space or toxic, explosive and other hazardous environments has accomplished combat missions, but also has a sensor integration and remote communication capabilities to the platform. group-production of 'broadcasting robot', has some troops in the promotion and application of our military. "

"The role of robots in the military field of play should not be overlooked." Assembling a researcher at the Institute of Engineering Corps, said Liu Zili, military robots able to overcome the limits of human physiology, will effectively reduce the effective strength of battlefield casualties. Liu Zili led the team took eight years to develop "new EOD robot" in landmine blast, live-fire exercises, counter-terrorism and other occasions riot "flourish" by soldiers as the "patron saint of life."

In the assembly of a technical service base station, "ammunition disposal robot" manipulator Guiming more of his "comrades machine" full of praise. Guiming more long-term commitment base where the unit testing of weapons in the destruction of unexploded projectiles task, this work is extremely dangerous in the past has been using artificial blasting practices. With the "machine comrades" to help troops task completion rate may be raised.

Today, more robot embarked on a drill ground, becoming vital forces. "Chemical warfare reconnaissance robot" into the highly toxic, high-risk operation area, nuclear radiation and biological contamination reconnaissance; "mine detection robot" and "mine robot" form a good match, with the Peacekeepers out of the country, walking minefield capability; "Investigative snake robot" silent criminals near the scene images back to a kilometer away, and guide precision strike, let criminals off guard ......