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China to promote the manufacture of highly innovative entrepreneurial public

Release time:2018-03-09 11:07:22  Views:

Since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed to build public entrepreneurship and innovation, the atmosphere of the country, public innovation and highly entrepreneurial society as a whole is rapidly becoming a hot discussion. In May and June this year, the State Council issued the "2025 China Manufacturing Plan" and "vigorously promote the public comments on the highly innovative entrepreneurship Some policy measures." These two major initiatives will form a mutually reinforcing relationship, to further enhance the vitality of the market and to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector. The implementation of "Made in China 2025", realized by a large and powerful manufacturing process, will bring more opportunities to the public entrepreneurship and innovation, and to stimulate more entrepreneurial drive and creative energy.

China to upgrade manufacturing to public entrepreneurship and innovation is an effective way. The centrality of innovation in the global manufacturing industry, the "Made in China 2025" one of the strategic priorities is to improve the national manufacturing innovation. The situation is that China's manufacturing industry is weak innovation capacity issues outstanding, innovative manufacturing system is not perfect. Relying solely on their own or in a small number of researchers in manufacturing, it has been difficult to meet the "Internet +" and the requirements of globalization on manufacturing innovation, we must fully mobilize internal and external, multi-stakeholder managers and ordinary people, large enterprises and small and medium micro enterprises , multiple levels and forms of innovative power. This requires the public by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, stimulate innovation potential of the whole society to form a support stream of power in China.

Chinese manufacturing will upgrade public entrepreneurship and innovation, to provide more opportunities. The implementation of "Made in China 2025", will speed up a lot of new areas, new industries, new services and new format development. Small and micro enterprises, new entrepreneurs have market-sensitive, turning the advantages of quick, can be more timely, accurate grasp these new opportunities. Such as foster specialization, and the open design of industrial enterprises, accelerate the development of producer services. Especially in promoting intelligent manufacturing and relying on the "Internet +" to carry out the manufacturing business, many manufacturers have to increase efforts to promote the Internet applications in the development, production, management and marketing of all sectors. Consumption to a new stage of transformation, personalized, diversified, customized increasing consumer demand, but also help entrepreneurs to grasp the psychological demands of consumers, the timely and effective development and manufacturing of new products. Entrepreneurs should be aimed at manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrading of the priority tasks of the layout of the new opportunities which derived close watch, relying on the advantages of technology and innovation to achieve business success.

Chinese manufacturing will upgrade public entrepreneurship and innovation, to provide greater platform. Use of information technology, into the "Internet +" spirit, intelligent manufacturing, is "Made in China 2025" direction. The Internet is putting more business together, form an open, shared platform, partner type, joint type will become the face of fierce competition in the survival and development of the road, according to the needs of entrepreneurs of large enterprises to carry out and manufacturing company match , characteristics of business convergence, has become big business itself a part of the manufacturing process, to achieve win-win situation. Manufacturing industry should provide conditions for more public entrepreneurship and innovation, especially large enterprises, to provide additional measures in favor of small and medium micro enterprises and new entrepreneurs in an open access, fair competition, etc., to improve mechanisms to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and guide enterprises to increase manufacturing venture capital support to truly create a plan proposed small business "overwhelming," big business "indomitable spirit" development pattern, to achieve mutually reinforcing, win each other.