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Guangdong Province robot system integrators four corps to take shape

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First, our system integrators Situation

1. Major domestic enterprises and foreign counterparts to integrate the revenue scale contrast

Foreign system integrators because the focus on the robot high penetration, and is currently the largest system integration needs of the automotive industry, there are usually long-term relationship with car manufacturers, revenue size can be done nearly 10 billion. In Comau example, its customers in China mainly in the automotive business, not only foreign automotive customers, including Chang'an, Chery and JAC and other domestic customers. Integrated domestic enterprises and foreign counterparts compared to the development time is shorter, and often compete in the automotive sector, but foreign integrators, therefore, much smaller scale.

2. The integrated major domestic and foreign enterprises peer comparison

Foreign large system integrators typically have a strong competitive advantage in certain processes which, for example, Dole has a very strong competitive advantage in the automotive coating production line integration. Of course, Dole also expand the business outside the system integration, such as cleaning and filtration systems.

Domestic systems integration business generally is not limited to a certain process, but the main focus on a particular industry. Only the strongest integration capabilities of the new song, the automotive industry can be taken to get a lot of orders in other sectors, of course, in addition to the new song system integration business, as well as logistics and warehousing automation equipment and transportation systems, and other services. In terms of business diversification, new pine and Toure similar.

3. The domestic system integrators comparative advantage

However, domestic and foreign enterprises face different body manufacturers a strong competitive domestic system integrators, however, has many comparative local advantages, including channel advantages, the price advantage, engineers bonuses.

Third, the development characteristics and trend of the domestic system integrators

Four factors determine integrators smaller. Non-standardized systems integration projects, each project is different, not 100% copy, it is more difficult to scale. Can scale are generally can be replicated, such as developing a product, then stereotypes rarely change, each models are the same, you can copy the scale by a large number of production and sales. And because of the need Loaning, integrators usually simultaneously consider the number and size of the project.

1. System integrators are people-centered enterprises Order

System integrators core competence is personnel, including, most core sales staff, project engineers and site installation and commissioning, sales staff is responsible to take orders, project engineer to order requirements design, installation and commissioning personnel to the customer site for installation commissioning and final delivery customers. Almost every project is non-standard, you can not simply copy quantity. Systems integrators actually order type engineering service providers asset-light, the core asset sales staff, project engineers and installation personnel, therefore, difficult to expand the size of system integrators through merger and acquisition.

2. System integrators need Loaning

System integration usually make payment by "3331" in a manner that after examination by drawing get 30% get 30% after delivery, installation is completed to get 30% of the last remaining 10% of the retention money. According to such a payment process, system integrators often need Loaning.

Generally integrators financial pressure will not be much, but if several projects at the same time, or a single project amount is too large, the existence of financial pressure, after all, a lot of business is outsourcing integrators, suppliers need to pay money, there purchased parts requiring cash on delivery.

3. The industry segment growing significantly

Domestic robot systems integrators for enterprise development segments of the industry trends are becoming evident, such as for the logistics, 3C, automotive, metal processing, and other industry segments robot integrators have begun to emerge.

The relationship between competition and cooperation 4. integrators

With the development trend of enterprise automation, it has been the transformation from single-station toward single line, as well as transformation of the entire plant automation, so one or two companies are not able to complete the project needs of enterprise applications, so cooperation will become increasingly important.

5. industry consolidation robotic system integrators will bear the brunt

Integration of the robotics industry from 2014 has already begun, some technology, the strength of the integrators will be the subject of a listed company, of course, some builders will be eliminated in the consolidation.

Industry insiders estimate that in 2020 the domestic robot systems integration market will reach 200 billion yuan. However, behind this, the core technology is weak, lack of talent, applications and other single issue but it is an important factor restricting the domestic robot market outbreak. In addition, although the domestic system integrators has many advantages, including channel advantages, the price advantage, engineers and other bonuses, but it seems not escape Zhongjue system integrators "born" small-scale cycle. At least at this stage is not large-scale domestic integrators, 100 million or less accounted for most businesses, can do 5 million is the industry leader, 10 more than a billion nationwide numbered.

Guangdong Province integrators situation, the Institute for Strategic Studies major new survey data the robot industry, the new strategy resulting robot all media in southern China on the basis of the research enterprise.
Shenzhen Corps: Han's Laser, Pennefather technology, even large automation, robotics Christie, far-robot, Weiyuan precision, Fu Island, Han motor, oranges automation, robotics Si Purui Friends and Automation, Robotics Rongde, up Teradyne, willow Creek robotics, automation Techson, Ascentek intelligent equipment, constant Comtech robots, robot Swiss public, Ryan Seiki (Shenzhen), Nitto, add more technology force, when the weft automation, precision Janssen, public Xing, Shengtai Qi, Yan Shun automation, Bonmet, Shun source of automation, the United States Stuttgart Auto, Sejong automated, easy days of automation, Chile Things, Xin Teng letter science and technology, automation Ji Yang, since Ozon, Sheng Changzhi energy technology (Shenzhen) and the like.

This year, Shenzhen has launched a five industry support program. Previously existing Shenzhen Jin Aobo Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Christie Technology Co., Ltd., a large number of enterprises to benefit from the dividend policy. Shenzhen by robots, wearable devices and smart equipment financing industry development funds, greatly easing the enterprises in the industrial projects launched financial pressure, so enterprises to achieve a lightly armed development. According to statistics, in April this year, in June, the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission for the robots, wearable devices and intelligent equipment industry, has publicized a list of projects to support the two batches, a total of 13 companies on the list. Including Jin Aobo Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. "intelligent, unmanned emulsion explosive production line" construction projects, INVT Electric Co., Ltd. "Shenzhen industrial robot servo control technology engineering laboratory" construction projects.

Dongguan Legion: Rio Star, the robot Cong Dongguan Kawasaki, transit automation, robotics automation Ming Weida, pine celebrate intelligent automation, Extension field automation robotics, automation technology Lie, Yang Teng Automation Technology Co., Mida speed automation Co., Ltd. Chentuo robot, and persuaded the workers from Ming technology Co., Ott automation, industrial automation name Ling, Dongguan deft automation, electrical and mechanical equipment Coward, Bo Langte intelligent smart automation equipment Co., Ltd., Zhen is still automation, Po-Sen automation, Enma automation domain of robots, Hang billion in machinery manufacturing, Sony optical surface, the apex of industrial robots, Elpida (In Chinese) robots, Tianrun automation.

Substitution machine Dongguan started the first in the country, but also in the forefront. When Industry 4.0 concepts began sweeping the globe, as the manufacturing capital of Dongguan led the development of "Made in Dongguan 2025" strategy, and accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Dongguan, accelerate the "machine Substitution" and other programs. Dongguan manufacturing has entered a new era and the first to enter the robot drones and other technology industry along the front, the first to occupy the commanding heights of industry. In recent years, Dongguan has Liucheng industrial enterprises to carry out "machine substitutions," R & D enterprises and industrial robot industrial robot equipment manufacturers about 70, the number of enterprises accounted for 10% of the robot of the national total industrial output value of nearly 15 industrial robots billion, the smart equipment industry output value of over 200 billion yuan. Support the development of robotics in industry, Dongguan has unveiled a number of policies. Then, for three consecutive years will be set aside 35 million yuan to support the construction of the robot industry base from the "Dongguan Science and Technology" project of special funds, including robotics Research Institute, Institute of entrepreneurship and incubators. The next 10 years according to the target robot in Dongguan enterprises, and strive to 2016 the city's industrial robots intelligent equipment industry output value reached 35 billion yuan, for the industrial robot industry to achieve an average annual growth rate of 30%. The introduction and cultivation 3-5 output value of 10 billion yuan of industrial robots equipped with intelligent enterprise. 2020 and strive to the city's industrial robots intelligent equipment industry output value reached 70 billion yuan, part of the key components of industrial research and development level and focus on the development in the field of manufacturing capacity leading domestic level. To build industrial park industrial robots 2-3 and 9-10 intelligent equipment industrial base. By 2025 the city's industrial output value of industrial robots intelligent equipment more than 120 billion yuan, the overall R & D and manufacturing capacity to meet international advanced level. Foster a number of internationally renowned brands, intelligent robots industrial equipment industry into a globally competitive industry.

Foshan Legion: Jia Teng robot, Lee Schindler robots, robot Xinpeng, the new King of machinery and equipment, Sanshui Ying Jie and precision machinery.

Foshan 2014 industrial transformation investment 27.856 billion yuan, an increase of 23.7%, investment ranked first in the province. 2015, formulated on the promotion of a new round of technological innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading, technological innovation and high-quality project loan risk compensation fund management, "one hundred enterprises to enhance the Intelligent Manufacturing Project" to support enterprises to promote the "robot applications" and other policies, technological arrangements 2.4 billion yuan of special funds to support technological upgrading of enterprises, promotion of industrial quality and efficiency. Foshan high-tech enterprises from 500 in 2011 increased to 618 in 2014, the total number of Guangdong Province is located in the fourth, second only to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan, which has a value of over 317 billion, over 500 million yuan there are 115. Foshan to build the Pearl River West with advanced equipment manufacturing industry, the "Machine Tools" as the main direction, and actively building trillion advanced equipment manufacturing industry base, has introduced Foton, CSR track, Guangdong integrated chip R & D and industrial training centers, wave cloud computing Center and other modern equipment manufacturing and producer service industry projects. In recent years, the rapid development of the robotics industry, Foshan workshop generally requires more than 20,000 sets of industrial robots, industrial enterprises in the current annual demand growth of about 40%. By the end of June this year, the application of Foshan robot is 3,000 sets. To the end of June, the city of Foshan robot production, application and service enterprises is about 100.

Guangzhou Corps: Tech-Long, Vanta, Ruisong, good research, equipment Luo Ming, Song Xing, set in the machine, containing research, Avon branch, much energy, Waterhouse Smart, wells and other sources.

To promote the development of intelligent industrial equipment, Guangzhou has made it clear the robot and intelligent equipment industry as a key development industries. Last April, the Guangzhou municipal government issued "Opinions on the promotion of industrial robots and intelligent equipment industry development", proposed in 2020 to foster the formation of hundreds of billions of industrial robots as the core of intelligent equipment industry clusters, and in research and development, procurement and other aspects of providing financial support. In the recently issued the "Guangzhou City, the industrial transformation and upgrading program of action to implement the three-year battle (2015- 2017)" in the proposed 2015 to 2017, Guangzhou will arrange three billion yuan of financial funds to support industrial restructuring and upgrading, where 700 million yuan support equipment and intelligent robot industry development, focusing on research robot parts, machine manufacturing, systems integration and application demonstration.