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Costly purchasing foreign equipment made in China need to break through the blockade

Release time:2018-03-09 11:05:40  Views:

Switzerland abb seven-axis handling robots, welding robots Comau Italy, Panasonic welding robot, welding clamp ...... Into Germany Ni Make Geely factory in Ningbo, China Chunxiao highest degree of automation of the press line, welding line formed by the 112 robot , the world's most advanced detection system ...... not let visitors cooing. However, in addition to Jinan Machine Tool produce five eight-link mechanical press, Shanghai Xiao Austrian fixture and several sets of domestic transportation equipment, core equipment factory Chunxiao almost all foreign high-end brands.

China's automobile factory just Chunxiao equipment relies heavily on "foreign brands" in microcosm. It is estimated that "five" period, the automotive equipment market size of China's nearly 300 billion yuan, of which the key automotive equipment market share of about Qi Cheng occupied by foreign brands.

Purchasing "foreign equipment", the domestic automobile enterprises have difficulties

"In order to fight the highest level of Geely Borei-class cars of its own brand, not only in the product Chunxiao factory tooling Benchmarking European joint venture car prices, even up to the standard of luxury cars on the part of the process." Zhejiang Geely Automobile Group CEO and president Conghui told reporters, as the Volvo feeding Geely's first iconic product, Geely Bory not only draws on Volvo's design concept and technical standards on the plant construction is Costly.

"Equipment, tooling (including molds, jigs, etc.) is to improve the management and vehicle manufacturing technology level three magic weapons, which, stability and accuracy of the device is the premise and foundation. For this reason, the use of foreign Chunxiao factories have a large number of high-end equipment . "Ling Shi-quan Spring base car, general manager of Geely welding shop as an example, said Geely Bory complex body structure, to ensure the realization of the strongest body stiffness, the whole car more than 5700 joints, Ashkenazi car prices over the same rank vehicle level, and 270 MPa or more extensive use of high tensile steel and sided galvanized sheet, ordinary domestic welding tongs failed to reach the technical requirements, can only use the German Ni Make welding tongs.

In selecting stamping plant handling robots on Chunxiao factory suffered the same problem. As the Ministry of stamping automation major projects Project Leader, Ling Shi right once and Jinan Machine Tool, Beijing Institute of Automation and other domestic equipment companies together through joint research. "Task Force repeatedly inspected the domestic robot companies, both in the domestic load handling robots, repeatability or stability control are lower than the design requirements." Ling Shi said the right, which is the factory stamping plant chose the Chunxiao seven-axis ABB robot handling the reason.

Coincidentally, a few years ago SAIC GM has considered domestic brands of welding robots. SAIC-GM Shenyang North Sheng three body shop manager Gu Yongquan told reporters that their domestic brands of welding robots in-depth study to assess the accuracy and reliability of the results are good, but because of the dependence on imports of key components, the price is higher than the foreign products 70 % -80%.

Breaking the "blockade", need to respond to three major challenges

Jinan Machine Tool into the assembly plant, nearly 20 to be delivered the punch line, the tall and spacious workshop packed full to the brim. On a trial run of the press being suspended "Ford CP7" single assembly operations to attract the attention of reporters. It is to be delivered Article arms automatic quick punch line of the Ford plant in Detroit.

"Since 2011, Ford has won the Jining No.2 has eight large US factory orders for fast press lines, six of which have been put into operation. Previously, Ford stamping equipment has been dominated by German brands." Jinan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., total manager Zhang Zhigang told reporters in the country, used to belong to the same Franciscan two multinational companies' positions "won over. Since 2010, the domestic market share two large and fast economic punch line more than 80%, almost all equipped with independent car prices and the US Department of German, Japanese, French, Italian and other joint Department of car prices.

Once ABB, KUKA and other international giants monopoly for 30 years the domestic auto welding robot market, now also appeared Anhui Ai Fute figure. It is reported that hundreds of units using welding automated production lines Ai Fute industrial robots, has been successfully running for more than two years in the sixth Chery Automobile factory.

However, the domestic automotive equipment companies really break multinationals "blockade", the need to respond to three major challenges. One of the challenges is the core of long-term dependence on imported components, greatly raising the cost of domestic equipment. In 165 kg six-axis articulated robot, for example, the current total cost of foreign products is about 169,000 yuan, 299,000 yuan high cost of domestic robots.

Two challenges is an iterative technique. "Jining No.2 link mechanical press with eight arms fast moving line in the world leading level." Ling Shi said the right to counter Chinese brands, foreign companies in recent years launched a servo press, the main energy card, stole some orders . Despite joint research, development of Jining No.2 a servo press has been put into use in Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars, but due to the high cost of imported servo motors, spare parts difficult, service response is slow, the entire line has yet to lift control technology and other reasons, comprehensive competitive torque still gaps foreign products.

Multinational companies to accelerate the localization of the whole value chain, is the third important challenge facing businesses domestically produced equipment. Gu Chunyuan ABB (China) Co., Ltd., chairman and president, said in 2005 ABB robot in Shanghai set up a research and development center and the world's only production base of the painting robot. So far, ABB has been in the country to achieve industrial robots integrated R & D, production, marketing, engineering and customer service system to the whole value chain localization. It is reported that KUKA robots Yaskawa Electric factory investment in China has also been put into operation. Localization not only significantly reduce the cost of foreign brands, the original slow response service short board will also be improved.