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Educational robot out of the lab to the classroom when the teacher program

Release time:2018-03-09 11:05:57  Views:

"Today more overall education market is the existence of a similar robot aids can improve children's ability of practice education and training institutions under the line using a robot." It is reported that, compared to high-priced high-end robots, educational robots have successfully opened laboratory, loved by many children and often in the hand.

Educational programming robots out of the lab when the teacher

When programming a robot teacher

Programming a robot Play-i have let a lot of people shines, especially a large number of programmers.

This California-based start-up company launched a robot composed of three balls, on top of the ball there is a big eyes, the bottom sides of the ball with two wheels, to help it move forward.

In addition to the partial wind lovely shape, Play-i can also help children over 5 years old to learn a programming language.

With a iPad, kids can use the visual interface command to write to Play-i issued various instructions, such as manipulation of the forward direction is detected in front of the object, and even complete complex dance movements. In this process, the children can be very intuitive and easy to learn and practice programming.

However, this educational robot Hou Jinggang opinion not that special.

New Oriental Bubble served as English's first marketing director and later served as Director of the Centre A school co-operation in education Abou [microblogging] Hou Jinggang identity is now the founder of children's music robot training institutions Bole Bo.

In 2009, Le Bole Bo will Roborobo into China. As Korea's largest provider of educational robot, Roborobo somewhat similar to the Lego robot, but the product will be more a "reader" through the hardware, young children can learn to complete the construction and programming.

Public information, music Bole Bo robot program is divided into beginner course (building blocks robot), intermediate course (SCM robot) and advanced courses (humanoid robots). In the primary curriculum, for example, each class, the teacher will talk common sense of life for different scenarios, and also to guide students to complete the process of building and programming robots. Build process exercise the abilities of students, the programming process to improve children's logical thinking.

"In the teaching robot fans, the teacher in the classroom and students learn together components and principle of operation of the fans, and to the children how to control the fan speed in the subsequent construction and programming process, how to use power control fan running. "Hou Jinggang explained.

In fact, for children play educational robot is basically the design, assembly, construction and four programming process. Among them, the core programming, the second hand. The credit card program means the program implanted on the card, and then took a swipe chip implanted into the program in the CPU.

But for children of different ages have different ways of programming, in general, 4 to 5 year-old child as long as the brush a card, all program compiled a good; for 6-8 year-old child when programming need to brush a few Cards can be programmed; for 8-10 years old children, you need to go to a computer with a graphical editing interface to program.

"Today more overall education market is the existence of a similar robot aids can improve children's ability of practice education and training institutions under the line using a robot." Houjing Gang told "First Financial Daily" reporters.

In Hou Jinggang opinion, in fact, the essence of the robot is programmed to learn, by the carrier robot children simpler, more direct, more straightforward way to learn programming.

He kept out of school

2014 Le Bole Bo 10 million yuan to complete the pre-A round of financing from the investment fund it real, a year later, they received $ 10 million investment in the order of the New Oriental Investment.

Capital and corresponding heat is significantly increased robotics education and training market participants.

It is understood that when founded, Le Bole Bo is the only company in the entire building robots educational institutions, now, robot education schools within three kilometers wide has more than 10.

But, for the parents of children involved in training the robot attitude largely determines the size of the market dish.

"Examination-oriented education and training compared to English, mathematics and other strong demand, the robot training belongs to weak demand, the size is not much. Now parents are willing to send children to come more because children like robots." Hou Jinggang explained.

In Hou Jinggang opinion, due to the insufficient attention of parents, single robot training and now can not hold up the market, we can only extend different product lines. A children's English training institutions can cover a radius of 2-3 km, but a robot training shop can radiate around 5 km.

To this end, and now in addition to music as the main Bole Bo robot course, also added a science class, model lessons, geography lessons that require positioning technology and hands-on courses.

In addition, the pressure of the examination-oriented education to make such a robot as a teaching aid that appears more than to stay in the school market.

Education training industry analysts have told the "First Financial Daily" reporters, the robot is now targeting the main training institutions are relatively small age children, is not bigger then the child does not need a robot training, examination-oriented education makes it just because Great kids do not have time to participate.

On the other hand, due to the difficulty of teaching the robot training to learn than children playing much more difficult, even if the application of robotics in the field of education has a very big imagination, so that the robot went to the classroom to go now it is still quite difficult. "The main problem is not how to get kids to learn to play, but to make the teacher is easy to use, how to make the teacher can easily use the robot to become the biggest problem in the classroom." Said industry analyst explained.

But for education and training institutions, because the robot dependence on equipment and systems more conducive to development than the teacher extracurricular training institutions.

"Robots of the teacher is to go, there is no advantage of the line teacher education institutions so obvious. Many organizations development bottleneck card stuck in faculty, but is relying on educational robot logic products to expand, and is standardized curriculum, there conducive to rapid expansion. "Hou Jinggang added.