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Spraying robot
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Spray painting robots called Robot (spray painting robot), it is available for automatic spray painting or other coating of industrial robots. Mainly by the robot body painting robots, computers, and the corresponding control system, the use of 5 or 6 degrees of freedom articulated structure, the arm has a larger moving space, and can do complex trajectory, the wrist is generally 2 to 3 DOF, flexible movement. More advanced painting robot wrist with flexible wrist, can bend in all directions, can be rotated, its operation is similar to a person's wrist, can be easily inserted into the interior through the smaller hole of the workpiece, spraying the inner surface thereof. Painting robots generally use hydraulic drive, with fast action, explosion-proof performance characteristics, can be taught or the number of points shown is achieved through hands-on teaching. Painting robots are widely used in automotive, instrumentation, electrical appliances, enamel and other technology production sectors.
The main advantage of painting robot (1) Flexible large. Operating range considerably. (2) improve the quality of spraying and material usage. (3) easy to operate and maintain. Offline programming, greatly reduce on-site commissioning time. (4) high capacity utilization. Spraying robot utilization up to 90% -95%.
Features: a flexible large.
(1) Operating range, the possibility of large audit.
(2) spraying the inner surface can be achieved and the outer surface.
(3) can achieve a variety of shapes surface paint, such as cars, motorcycles, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.
Second, to improve the quality of spraying and material usage.
(1) copying spray trajectory accurately, improving the uniformity of appearance such as coating quality of the coating.
(2) reduce the amount sprayed over the amount of cleaning solvent and improve material utilization.
Third, easy to operate and maintain.
(1) can be off-line programming, greatly reducing commissioning time.
(2) plug-in architecture and modular design, enabling quick installation and replacement of components, greatly reduce maintenance time.
(3) All parts maintenance accessibility, and ease of maintenance.
Fourth, the high capacity utilization.
Welding robot description: Welding robots are engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying) of industrial robots. Defined according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard terms of industrial robots welding robots, industrial robots is a versatile, reprogrammable machine automatic control operation (Manipulator), having three or more programmable axes for industrial automation. In order to adapt to different uses, the final axis robot mechanical interface, usually a connection flange, different tools may be tipping or said end effector. Welding robots in industrial robots shaft flange attached to the end of the welding clamp or welding (cutting) the gun, so that it can carry out welding, cutting or thermal spraying.