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Upper and lower outer wall spr
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Machine size: W1500 × L1500 × H2300 (mm)
Yield: 500-1000 / hour
Workpiece dimensions: Diameter 20-1500 (mm)
Number of guns: 4-8
Application: cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, mug
Control: Yasukawa / Panasonic servo motor, Japanese Omron brand PLC, Weinview brand -6070 type color man-machine interface, programmable control, which can store data more than 100 different products.
Inside and outside the sprayer features:
The inner wall painting machine: designed for small inner wall painting developed, special gun fast forward wall spray automated spraying method ensures consistent quality and high yield; four gun while spraying four workpiece position can be adjusted before and after, to facilitate the demolition, easy to use.
Spraying the circular machine: reversible workpiece, stepless speed, vertical movement stroke and speed can be adjusted with high flexibility, no paint corners, good special effects. Apply vacuum plating, helmets, clock frames, wheels and other parts.

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